Conversation with Stephanie Dale – Award Winning Author + Book Giveaways

Well if we were presenting an award to this woman it would go something like this… Please put your hands together for the mother, grandmother, vegetarian, radical feminist, free spirited, Byron transient, inspiring and highly engaging award winning self publishing author – Stephanie Dale. Recently returned from New York with a big gold medal around her neck… we found Stephanie not short on a word or thought provoking opinion. We loved every minute of it. She shared some of her valuable time with us prior to the Byron Writers Festival where she continues her path of helping others pursue their passion for creative writing, along with insights and tips on the world of self publishing.

“I am at the edge of my own existence” – Stephanie Dale

Stephanie Dale - My Pilgrim's Heart
Stephanie Dale promoting her first book ‘My Pilgrim’s Heart’ at the Bangalow Markets

So Stephanie, what brought you to this area?
I’d been living in Adelaide for seven years and then Lismore for three years in the early 90’s. I loved Byron but it was too much of a party town back then, and whilst I was happy for the kids (teenage daughter and son) to party, I didn’t want them to be living with the distraction and lack of accountability. I wanted them to be able to escape it and have somewhere to come home to. So I chose to live in Lismore.

So you’ve been here since the early 1990’s?
On and off. It’s my place of return. It’s the place I come back to when I can’t think of anywhere else to be. Also my daughter lives on the Gold Coast and has two children 12 & 14. After raising a generation and a half of children I feel like I can finally leave home myself. They have been too precious for me to do anything like leave. Continue reading


Pitching at the Writers’ Festival

Pitching to the big guns
Left; Patt Gregory, author of Woodwork for Women and
Right; Stephanie Dale author of My Pilgrim’s Heart

Previous Very Byron interviewee, Patt Gregory, and forthcoming interviewee, Stephanie Dale, both local Byron authors, were selected amongst many to pitch their self published books to the big guns in commercial publishing at the recent Byron Bay Writers’ Festival. The big guns were Sarah Jane from Murdoch Books, Fiona Henderson from HarperCollins and Bob Sessions from Penguin Books Australia. Our interview with Stephanie on her self publishing journey will be posted later this week and if you missed Patt’s inspiring story click here.