Conversation with Reine DuBois – Integrated Medicine Pioneer

I think Byron calls you in… I remember being on Belongil beach and having this sense that I was home. I’ve travelled all around the world and have never been anywhere like Byron. – Reine DuBois

Reine du Bois - Naturopath
Reine du Bois has a vision for the future of medicine… it’s integrated!
Reine’s vision for iMedicine Hospital is part of her home altar.

‘How does someone who oozes lightness and playfulness also exude a sense of fierce determination? Tepee ‘lover’, dedicated mother and naturopathic wiz , Reine DuBois, treated us with two hours of her precious time this week, relaying a fascinating Byron story. Softly, yet quickly spoken, she generously shared her passions and vision, leaving us to walk away exhilarated and in awe of the concept of motherhood.

 We started our chat with the usual curiosity of what brought her to Byron?
It was what my partner, Simon, referred to as ‘the breeding program’. It was 1999 and we were living in the West End of Brisbane. I had just finished my Diploma in Naturopathy at ACNM and Simon had just recently divorced. We were both at a loose end with our lives. We knew we wanted to have babies, healthy babies, and since we had both been to Byron before and loved it, we thought it would be a great place to raise a family. So we moved, set up a tepee, did yoga, meditated, swam, ate healthy food for 12 months and prepared for pregnancy. (As you do!) Continue reading