Nicoletta Revis – Republic of You

Written by Prue; Edited by Mick; Pics taken by Melinda and edited by Prue

“It’s about defining who you are… and whoever you are is ok!  I try to run this moral thread through the whole business… encouraging people to accept who they are.”– Nicoletta Revis

We first had contact with Nicoletta via email, however, one sunny day at the Top Shop we noticed a young woman sitting on the lawn, coffee in one hand, smart phone in the other and little black pooch loyally by her side. The latter caught Prue’s eye, whilst the phone chatter caught Melinda’s ear who quickly assessed the young woman was actually working – she was doing the social media marketing for a business. Naturally interested in all things social media, we patted the pooch and got chatting to its owner, only to discover she was in fact the Nicoletta who had previously emailed us. What a surprise.

Nicoletta and her very cute pooch Darby (Doo)

Two weeks later we reconvened to discover much about this young, social media savvy, vibrant, infectiously enthusiastic, business woman. Continue reading


Conversation with Glitter – RadioDJ + ReDesigner + RetroCollector

“My real name is Alysa Michele Moysey, but I changed it when a little hummingbird landed on Heidi May, the horse, and said you’ve got to change your name to Hummingbird!” – Alysa GG Hummingbird

Alysa GG Hummingbird at home in her House of Glitter

Alysa GG Hummingbird (AKA Glitter or GG) is one of Byron’s colourful characters who gratefully still exist in our community. She is a reminder of the playful, magical and alternate nature this community once relished before commercialism and tourism seemed to prioritise the look of Byron. Ten or so years ago people like GG were everywhere on our streets… hugging, laughing, playing music, performing and sharing their creative gifts and ideas. Unfortunately a dying breed these days due to busking restrictions and image conscious, identity crisis, business lore. It was a total delight visiting Glitter at her Byron home where we were taken on a magical ride through Elven folk lore and all things not very grown up. Continue reading

Conversation with Paisley – Intuitive Artist

Over a cup of Byron chai and the most exquisite lemon tart ever, we ask Paisley her full name. ‘Paisley’ she replies. Paisley? Yes… just Paisley. It’s a beautiful name and one that certainly matches the intricate, intuitive and passionate nature of this artist, mother of four, wife of fab local baker Andrew, and former elite Australian athlete… now enjoying the quiet hinterland life of Federal. Here she shares reflections of her childhood and motherhood, and the influence these now play in her equally beautiful artwork.


How did you come to be living in Byron Bay, Paisley?
We had been travelling overseas while Andrew worked on setting up internet service providers. The plan was for the family to live in France for six months, but we got stuck in Malaysia for nine weeks. That was nine weeks in hotel rooms with a three, five and eight year old… we all went a bit stir crazy. We needed a break and I couldn’t think of anywhere better than Byron. I knew it well from holidaying here as a kid. As soon as we arrived everything came flooding back… the smells, the sounds, the colour. Oh, the colour… even the kids noticed the colour… and the people… they seemed so free. It was like I could breathe again. It also made us realise we were over the materialism of cities. I didn’t want to leave. Continue reading

Hanging at the markets

Bangalow Markets

Bangalow Markets - Living Purpose
Soft toys at the Bangalow Markets by Julia Leimanis

Hanging out at the Sunday Bangalow Markets today we came across these cute soft toys by Julia Leimanis and some words of wisdom to remind us… “You are here to enable the Divine Purpose of the Universe to unfold. That is how important you are!”  – Eckhardt Tolle
Very Byron!