On the Streets of Very Byron

More great images from Steve Gwynn. This time it’s the streets of Byron as we all know them. People hanging out in cafes, sometimes connecting with each other the old way (face to face with a hug), other times via the new way (hugging our iPhones). Nevertheless, the birds are a constant companion to our crumbs of life. There’s surfers, boards, skateboards, cars, iPhones, laptops, beautiful women, funky fashion, crazy guys… all mixed up together connecting in this amazing place… in amazing moments. Sometimes in 3D.. sometimes virtual. The new Very Byron…

Photo by Steve Gwynn

Photo by Steve Gwynn

Phtoto by Steve Gwynn

Photo by Steve Gwynn


Very Mick does Social Media for Dummies

Very Mick Mono“…it appears I’m about to spend this entire class just trying to log on.”

My very first ‘Social Media For Business’ class at the ACE Community College in Mullumbimby, and of course, out of ten students, I’m the bunny who knows bugger-all about Facebook … the bottom rung on the social media ladder. What’s worse, I’m in front of a PC for the first time and unable to find the button that turns the damn thing on (a sad reminder of my first dating experience). My pain is exacerbated by a competitive streak wider than Ian Thorpe’s fin-span. I don’t do classroom-loser well. This can be attributed to chocolate, for in my primary school days whole blocks of the stuff were the learning enticement to win at everything from Times Tables to Let’s Find Wally. Even now, in my fifties, I’m convinced being first to finish a yoga class will fast-track my enlightenment. Continue reading

Last Chance @ Archibald 2011

NSW Regional Tour  – 2011 Archibald Prize Exhibition

Just wanted to let you know a selection of 2011 Archibald Prize finalists, courtesy of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, is in its final days of exhibition at the Tweed River Art Gallery, Murwillumbah. The exhibition closes this Sunday 11 September at 5pm. We recently took the scenic drive from Byron on a bit of a grey old day but certainly weren’t disappointed when we got there. The winning portrait of recently passed acclaimed Australian artist ‘Margaret Olley’ by Ben Quilty looked good enough to eat. Up close the work appears like something from the best gelato bar ever, however, when you step away, that slap of paint here and mix of colour there merges unmistakably into ‘our’ Margaret.  Impressive to say the least, and a well deserved winner.

Archibald 2011 Ben Quilty
Left: 2011 Archibald Prize Winner ‘Margaret Olly’ by Ben Quilty
Right: The exhibition offers a selection of works large and small
Archibald 2011 Tweed Gallery Murwillumbah
Top: Winner – ‘Margaret Olly’ by Ben Quilty looked good enough to eat
Bottom: Fave picks –  (Left) ‘Waleed Aly’ by Abdul Abdullah   (Right) ‘DA’ by Amanda Marburg

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Very Byron Very Broken

Recent adventures inland to interview another fab local took Melinda and Prue along St Helena Road. Now we all know this road is a pothole ridden disaster and we do promise, we were driving very byron, very slow… but alas our first love (Prue’s newly acquired VW Golf) fell victim to one of them. STOP!!!!… well the car did of its own accord and left us stranded. A knight in ‘not so shining’ four wheel drive armour, aka Matt the turkey man (from the Byron Farmers Market), thankfully stopped to give two bloffers (fluffy bloggers) roadside assistance. A few hours later, with lots of laughter, we bring you a bit of video fun and our first You Tube post. (Note… the delicious muffins were from Byron Muffin Men)

Belongil Dogs at Play

Steve Gwynn

Photo: Steve GwynnRecent visitor to Byron Bay, Steve Gwynn, shares these photos. At sunset the dogs  take their owners for a walk on Belongil Beach. Continue reading

Hanging at the markets

Bangalow Markets

Bangalow Markets - Living Purpose
Soft toys at the Bangalow Markets by Julia Leimanis

Hanging out at the Sunday Bangalow Markets today we came across these cute soft toys by Julia Leimanis and some words of wisdom to remind us… “You are here to enable the Divine Purpose of the Universe to unfold. That is how important you are!”  – Eckhardt Tolle
Very Byron!