Hi Everyone,

Long time no hear huh? I would like to say we have been busy planning and re-structuring Very Byron ready for the New Year, but that time has come and gone and our planning has been random, to say the least. It’s been more like chats while waiting for waves at The Pass, followed by more chats over coffee at the Top Shop. Thanks to our inspirational interview with Master Surfer, Alan Atkins (to be posted this week), both Melinda and I have taken to the waves.

This surfing thing started after listening to Alan – his life is surfing – and I thought ‘how can I live here and not surf?’ It was high time to get back in the water after decades of wanting to, but lacking severely in confidence. So I checked in with surfer girlie friend, Vic, who readily obliged when I begged her to take me out and hold my rusty surfing hand whilst I found my way with the waves again. Well, cos there’s no show without Punch, Melinda has of course jumped on the surfing band wagon too! Suffice to say… we have been kind of busy!
Anyway… we are back on the Very Byron job now and looking forward to posting our chat with the legendary, Alan Atkins. Perhaps he will stir your surfing juices too. Look out for it in your in box.
Cheers Prue

2 thoughts on “Hi Everyone,

  1. You mean Melinda has ditched her ‘mat’..she was a surfie babe well before anyone was called a ‘babe’ and had the moves to boot. Go Girl…just don’t think the crochet’d bikini will quite cut it these days..but then again..who cares!..have a ball girls .Michelle

    • Ha, hilarious! Go Melinda… where’s that crochet bikini? I think you should dig it out… they’re coming back in you know! Thanks Michelle for sharing some Melinda history with us all 🙂 Prue

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